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Pleasure Ellis Sounds Beautifully Like Michael Jackson

Pleasure Ellis the Entertainer.

Seriously, his voice is lyrically soul like syrup mixed with a unique edge that I can’t quite describe.  His sound is amazingly honest and lacks the pretentious churn that is often baked into newer, emerging, artists.  His story?

Pleasure Ellis was not discovered on the streets.  He was not discovered in a talent show.  Pleasure Ellis was discovered through a phone call.  He made that phone call. The receiver of his phone call? MC Hammer.   That’s right, he contacted MC and informed him of his ability to sing at MC Hammer’s private residence.   Read all about it here.


I sat there thinking:  Yes he has hints of MJ in him.  Yes he is a talented reminder of the power of influence and appreciation.  And yes,  I will put this song on spin.  A comfortable sense thinking MJ is   “gone but NEVER forgotten”.  It’s a beautiful fusion of sound and memories.

Beauty in Black Shades

Like Brown Sugar you are so fine. Suited with amours of Grace.

Brown Sugar you are love, strenght, courage and beauty.

A ripple in the ocean.

A diamond yet to be found.

Ataui Deng

Lola Falana

Obama and Michelle's Wedding.


Random beauty

Djebril Didier Zonga

Random Beauty

Adeola Ariyo

Daniel Lazaro

Ngo Okafor

Shakra Ledard

Megan Good

Modu Seye- Senegal

Kelenna Azubuike

Sonja Wanda

Lauryn Hill

Fayruz Abdiaman

Random Beauty Credit to The Trapezium

Random Beauty.

Salieu Jalloh

Ataui Deng

Cherif Ndiaye

Dorothy Dandridge with Harry Belafonte.

Mali beauty

Miriam Chemmoss

This photo strikes me as sad and beautiful at the same time.

Very Nubain-esque

Rhianna Over The Years

This Barbadian R&B beauty has evolved from a general pop sensation with a more innocent image to something a lot more siren worthy.   She has become a style icon to the point where she’s getting payed mega bucks to sit front row center at major fashion events.

Her music, like her look, has changed accordingly.  That’s what you get when you put marketing and music together. You get a product that the record label wants to market.  So in other words, some artists must sacrifice their say towards creative power. Box them and ship them!

From crooning about  “I wanna know boy If I could be ya shawty”  and moving more towards a vixen of dominatrix in “Good Girl Gone Bad”, Rhianna has moved towards a more charged Beyonce-type of  “I can take care of my damn self”  type of woman: ”

Come here rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here rude boy, boy
Is you big enough

Here is Rhianna over the years, Constantly evolving towards something else:   What do you think about her looks over the years?

Kanye West Heard ‘Em Say You Have Great Style

Dear Child of Louis Vuitton:

Please collaborate with Andre 3000.

By the way, this look says, “Play secretay I’m the boss tonight”!

Kanye West style

That's just Kanye West

Kanye West unique persona

The Catwalks Finally Have Color

The catwalk has been freed to swell with color and majestic graces of diversity.  Even though black people don’t realise this small changes, these are the “I have a dream” speeches coming true. Not only the presentation of blacks on runways but the equal appreciation of beauty in every color. It makes us relate and appreciate the dorned coutoure as a style that can be dynamically wearble regardless of race. Anyhow, although change is slow, at least it is gradual. That is fabulous.

Jourdan Dunn one of the colors paining the runway fabulous....

Jourdan Dunn one of the colors paining the runway fabulous....