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Black Beauties in Style

Beauty in all sizes.   Style in all colors.  Enjoy this little portion before Friday’s post.  These are some of the women and men showing us their own way of being black and, beautiful.

Nnena from Top Model

Belinda Baidoo

Kiara Kabukuru


Teiko Dornor

Tomika Fraser

Ajuma Nasenyana

Courtney Taylor

Pierre Woods




Isa Rahman


No $ Naomi Campbell $ Just Plain NO

Sexy is walking the catwalk with confidence. Unsexy is having your your hair running off your head and, leaving your boyfriend perplexed and wondering, “what the hell just happened”?

Naomi is on a mission to the making of a double tragic: swimming with a wig and, wearing styling that is destroying her hair … maybe she’s  trying to prove some point, some anti-style point? Which is a little ironic since she’s in the fashion world as a model? I’m not sure what is going on here. I thought models would have access to the best of the best. In addition, her boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin is a Russian Donald Trump!

Anyhow even the healthiest hair in the world will not last long when it is ratted, abundantly washed with hairspray, straightened, curled, or colored before every fashion show.

Naomi Campbell and boyfriend

Naomi Campbell and boyfriend on vacation


Merci Beaucoup, please don’t do this again!

Black Beauty Featured- Vanessa Fonsenca

Vanessa Fonsenca is the first model to be featured in my now new section on Black Beauty Feature. Hailing from the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro she is a 5’11 beauty who was born in 1986. She is a signed model with Attractive Elite Models among others. This chica is rounding the world from New York to Paris to Milan. Definitely hitting the hubs of style. Watch out for the Brazilian wind blowing this way: featured in the Cantão and D&G advertisements, this stunner is definately doing it big.

Fashion Models Directory:

Black Beauty

Growing up my mother taught me that being black was a gem. It was part of being formed by God. Kissed by the golden sun.  The combination was unbeatable. I said to myself, If I am going to think black, I will think positive about it. Don’t think down on it, or think it is something in your way. And this way,when you really do want to stretch out, and express how beautiful black is, everybody will hear you. Enjoy the black beauties. Next up on a later post, I will explore this beauty in black men.


Aton Arjork (from Sudan)

Teiko Dorno, She is Ghanaian and fabulous:

Teiko Dorno

Yasmin Warsame her look is considered too “haute couture”was discovered in Toronto
while she was five months’ pregnant with her son Hamzah.wow thats really amazing if you have potential no one can really take that away from you.


Oluchi Omwegba from Nigeria:


Rahma Mohamed. I believe she is of Somali heritage:


Laura Izibor, musician from Ireland:


Nigerian-Sierra Leonean beauty Di’Ja (Real name: Hadiza Blell) is a rising musician taking the Canadian music scene by storm:

cutieMore to come 🙂


Shark In the Water I like

Here is one Artist I newly discovered to watch out for: She is of Jamaican heritage (from her mom’s side) and Puerto Rican descent (father’s side). Drum-roll……She is from the UK and I have a great feeling she will hail internation as well. Brown describes her sound as “musical mashed potatoes”. Her style has been described as retro pop with an indie punk and rock edge. The Los Angeles Times has said: “Brown delivers something her retro UK peers have thus far lacked – just pure, whimsical fun”. Enjoy.




Baby Phat Does Michelle Obama

Baby Phat decided to show a Michelle Obama with a twist on the New York runway. I like it very much. The accessories, the cuts worked well to customize the look. Yay to Michelle being a classy fashion icon. We desperately need the classy types.

Baby Phat New York

Baby Phat New York displays first lady with a twist.