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Beauty in Black Shades

Like Brown Sugar you are so fine. Suited with amours of Grace.

Brown Sugar you are love, strenght, courage and beauty.

A ripple in the ocean.

A diamond yet to be found.

Ataui Deng

Lola Falana

Obama and Michelle's Wedding.


Random beauty

Djebril Didier Zonga

Random Beauty

Adeola Ariyo

Daniel Lazaro

Ngo Okafor

Shakra Ledard

Megan Good

Modu Seye- Senegal

Kelenna Azubuike

Sonja Wanda

Lauryn Hill

Fayruz Abdiaman

Random Beauty Credit to The Trapezium

Random Beauty.

Salieu Jalloh

Ataui Deng

Cherif Ndiaye

Dorothy Dandridge with Harry Belafonte.

Mali beauty

Miriam Chemmoss

This photo strikes me as sad and beautiful at the same time.

Very Nubain-esque

Mataano, a Fashion Line by Somali Twins

Founded by twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim

I first saw them on Oprah as they beautifully acknowledged their Somali heritage and revealed that their fashion line, Mataano, means “twins” in their native language (Somali). I was proud to see some more black fashion designers emerging into the world of couture. They were an instant favorite.  I later on checked out their inspirational on their  website.  I was very impressed at the fabrics, the various textures and the way these clothes drape on a womans body.  These Washington DC ladies are pursuing their dream and inspiring others in the process. Their talent allows them to weave in amazing culture-inspired pieces that look like a dream.  Take a look at their collection. The following is a variation of some of it…

Joana Smalls For Ports 1961

This newcomer is sweeping the scene as Ports 1961 model. She is Puerto Riccan  born and represented by the Elite Model Agency in New York.  Did I mention she makes a cameo in  Ricky Martin’s video! The video is called “It’s Alright”. She truly has a unique and versatile look to her. She’s a newbie on the scene but has already shashayed down the runway for big names like Benjamin Cho and James Coviello. This is only the beginning of her career. Kudos to Elite Model Management for being a vanguard for reproducing diversity in the modelling arena.