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Sexy Boot Shoes And Sandals For the Summer

Saw some flavor shoes that scream summer sexy lady.  Great summer sandals for great manicured feet.  Forget about the gladiator sandal of last year.  Elevate yourself to higher grounds with these ones.  Check it out.  Men what do you think of this one shoe on a lady? Yay or Nay?

I browsed endless.com and found some really great summer shoes.  Everything global, tribal… with colors that make me wish summer could last forever. Check these ones out.

Michael Antonio Women’s Grayson Wedge

Apepazza Women’s Malachite Flat Sandal

Fergie Women’s Empower Sandal

Your Shoe is So Fine Gurl


Damn gurl don't break that leg...I mean protect the shoe.

Damn gurl don't break that leg...I mean protect the shoe.

I think these shoes are hawt. I really like them is all. They elongate the legs, they make for a great show stopper and call attention to the sole person within their grips. Yes, Beyonce likes attention so these are the “It” shoes.

On the other hand, I would say that those ladies taking the pictures must be in a state of OBSESSION. These types would really steal them right off her feet if there was no bodyguard lurking behind the pop diva. If some can’t steal them off her feet, they will even cut her feet off and run off with the part that has a heal. Women are crazy. Crazy about shoes.  I, on the other hand, I am crazier  for purse collection.