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Street Style (Part 2)

Some more street style around the globe as promised. I often find the uniqueness of an outfit to be so inviting.  Yes, I do stare and gawk like a kid at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.   The more vintage an item, the more I find it to have a personal value and, a world of sentiment.  I like the sense of an item being so rare, or personalized, to the point where it ceases to resemble it’s initial birth.  This, uniqueness,  gives me a sense of everyone being able to enjoy fashion without becoming boring cookie-cuter dressers.  Check some of  them out:

The gentleman meets vintage mixes.

Vintage mixes

I have to admit. I love accessories to an outfit. It’s a layered look all by itself.

Accessories girl.

Liking the ripped effect coupled with the classic coat down to the metallic shoes. It’s like a mixing era.

Disco queen meets modern chic.

We, at The Fashion Records, adore Iman. I like the wedge shoe to the leather wedge heel. I haven’t been crazy about the ripped tights look for awhile though.

Chanel Iman and boyfriend

Chanel Iman

Awesome that Edward Norton bought some Masai Warriors over, as guests at his house in Greenwich Village. They came over to run a marathon for a Masai fundraiser. While in New York, these fearless warriors browsed the streets in their vibrant gear. Talk about re-defining street style!

Actor Edward Norton and some Masai warriors.

A fashionable girl in Dakar. I like the colors with the strapped sandals and simple jewelery.

A girl in Dakar

Young streeter in South Africa

Showing a mixture of retro colors. I like.

A Young SA man

Milan fashion is totally rampant.

Wearing daring colors from head to toe. Likely risk taker and owner of his own style!

Street style with attitude.

Reminds me of what I would see in a old Brooklyn fashion book. Very characterized and, individualized. Loving the graphic tees.

Long live colors and character!

That’s right. Well-dressed gentlemen get their photos taken. Check out that styled, retro, men’s satchel. Major bag envy. Check out a similar one: Filson Field Satchel.

Paris men have great style. I want that bag.

Check our some New York splash of colors:

New York fashion

 Thanks to Nontsikelela, Trendy Crew, Yayemarieba and Tamu you rock!

Street Style Mingled With Runway (prt 1)

At times I see something on the runway that is purely art and therefore, inspirational.  I look at the different ways that particular forms, of fabric, are constructed.  It gives texture, shape, and form that can be used as a basis for creating my own items of clothing.  So in essence, it is possible to see runway fashion as art inspirations for wearable forms. I took a search to some great street inspirations and some runway looks that could create unique pieces. Take a look and let me know what you think. Street style continued tomorrow:

Lacoste fashionable, yet comfortable, sweater dress is a refreshing splash of color:

Lacoste does sexy sweater dress.

I like that the red tone is so magnetic without being overwhelming. The boots, dropped neckline….so global.

Red toned

Red toned dress. Global colors.

Vintage velvet and modern footwear. Standout outfit.

City chic look with vintage velvet. Pair it up with boots and leggings.

Ralph Lauren gets a nod for pure classics. Sexy hunter meets sophisticated woman.

Ralph Lauren look

Naeem Kahn is total true art. Whoever thought of a cropped motorcycle jacket, lots of accesories, and, the little black dress. Brilliant.

Naeem Kahn takes the punk and makes it glamour!

Tommy Hilfiger made layers more youthful and great for the shape.

Tommy does layers and they look great and youthful

Ronson pairs a great man pant with structured mixes to create a new outfit that is wearable and sophisticated.

Charolette Ronson runway style

Tracy Reese always makes feminine more charming and, appealing.

Tracy Reese does feminine

Marc Jacobs takes drab grey and makes it pop classically and, noticeably.

Marc Jacobs

Thanks to Essence

There’s a Circus in Brooklyn

Who doesn’t like a circus?  Especially when the circus eludes a world full of color, sights, mystical ventures, sounds and unique characters. Truly, I am speaking about a world of tight-rope walkers and unicyclists all of whom are fearless risk takers!  So in sum, Brooklyn Circus takes style to a level of individual, unique, creativity.   A sense of  “we are not all going to dress like the mannequin”.

I would say it’s a mixture of Afro-punk, urban influence, vintage and eclectic pieces.  Brooklyn Circus has a diverse team that works together to bring unique influences on the whole look of the Circus.   Located in San Fransisco,  New York, and Chicago, all are convenient hubs to catch all the moving demands for street wear and other fashions.  I would say that this circus is one full of artistic, detail-oriented, artists.  Check out their acts and creations:

Gentlemen of Style

Spike Lee is a fan.

Teamwork and creativity

All photos Courtesy of The Brooklyn Circus

Some Streeters

Essence had some chicas looking fabulous in the heat so I chose a few of my favourite looks: 

This one is fierce!

This one is fierce!

Simple for the heat:



Fearless Chica:

Owning up to it correctly!

Owning up to it correctly!


Suprisingly, no pattern overkill.I like.

Suprisingly, no pattern overkill.I like.

Fierce indeed:

Classically beating the heat.

Classically beating the heat.

I could walk with this all day…



Chic for sure:

Looks comfy too!

Looks comfy too!


Pair This Up City Gurl

Okay here some clues on what to pair to bring out the inner fashionista. I like to call this one a “paint by numbers” to the clueless fashionista. Not a mockery but, a new way to appreciate accessories that rhyme with style. For it is best to create style that will endure than senseless fashion fads that fade away. Plus, they pretty much make you blend into a herd of sheep. I want to be the black sheep of fashion. How about you? 

High waisted 6 button jean shorts: 

Wet Seal Deal at $24.50!!

Wet Seal Deal at $24.50!!

Check these PREDATOR Premium Sandals: 

Found at TopShop

Found at TopShop

Summer in the metro rush: 

It's all in the accessories.

It's all in the accessories.

 Items in the set: 

Pink Diamond Channel Set Band in Rose Gold: $1,540 CAD @ ylang23

Scarf Print Tee $14 CAD @ Forever21

Wayfarer Style Glasses, Clear Lenses $11 CAD @ Girlprops 

Pearl Duo Ring 7.36 CAD @ Forever21

Chain Link Hoop Earring $6.28 CAD @ Forever21

Gucci ‘Hysteria’ Handbag $308 CAD @ Bagborroworsteal

Christian Louboutin | Designer Shoes $1,127 CAD @Awomanandhershoes

CC Skye 18ct Gold Plated Knuckle Love Ring $178 CAD @ Asos

Phoncho-style shrug vest: $29 CAD @ Supre 

Cream and Leather Wristwear $27 CAD @ Topshop

Bare Feet Shoes: Apparel Jeans $39 @ Barefeet Shoes

Philosophy Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm $14 CAD @ Make Me Heal

Golden Goddess eau-parfum-spray $44 @ Skinstep

In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine $81 CAD @Amazon

This coat was all sold out sadly: 

Forever 21 New Arrival

Forever 21 New Arrival

Giardino Satchel. This is a Hype Handbag For sure!!



Nothing Says Funk It Like This Crew.

Seriously this group is swaggerific.I just invented that word I think. But then again, with a name like Brisk Convergence, you have to own up to it.  Each individual had that unique individuality that I just can’t put a finger on. The rest of you are just going to be swagger-jacking. I just know it. I have my police force out on patrol. Enjoy until you get caught. 

Out to put the funk in style.

Out to put the funk in style.