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Pleasure Ellis Sounds Beautifully Like Michael Jackson

Pleasure Ellis the Entertainer.

Seriously, his voice is lyrically soul like syrup mixed with a unique edge that I can’t quite describe.  His sound is amazingly honest and lacks the pretentious churn that is often baked into newer, emerging, artists.  His story?

Pleasure Ellis was not discovered on the streets.  He was not discovered in a talent show.  Pleasure Ellis was discovered through a phone call.  He made that phone call. The receiver of his phone call? MC Hammer.   That’s right, he contacted MC and informed him of his ability to sing at MC Hammer’s private residence.   Read all about it here.


I sat there thinking:  Yes he has hints of MJ in him.  Yes he is a talented reminder of the power of influence and appreciation.  And yes,  I will put this song on spin.  A comfortable sense thinking MJ is   “gone but NEVER forgotten”.  It’s a beautiful fusion of sound and memories.


Shark In the Water I like

Here is one Artist I newly discovered to watch out for: She is of Jamaican heritage (from her mom’s side) and Puerto Rican descent (father’s side). Drum-roll……She is from the UK and I have a great feeling she will hail internation as well. Brown describes her sound as “musical mashed potatoes”. Her style has been described as retro pop with an indie punk and rock edge. The Los Angeles Times has said: “Brown delivers something her retro UK peers have thus far lacked – just pure, whimsical fun”. Enjoy.