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The Sensational Tasha Marillia

Tasha is a wonderful singer that recently crossed my path.  Her charm is undeniable and I can’t wait for our interview together.  This London newcomer is dreaming big and taking all the necessary actions to get there.  She completed a project with Genuine Rep/Insomniax, (hit-makers for Robin Thicke, Boys2Men, Bobby Valentino, Jojo etc).   I really love her vocals.  This one lady shows a lot of promise. Check her track “Lotta Love”.

Tasha Marillia


Music Spotlight: Ayo

Ayo is a fresh face. This Neo-soul singer is not just sharing the steps, she is stepping on them and has great potential. I recently discovered her hidden treasures and now I’m on there stepping with her. 

Singer: Ayo

Singer: Ayo

Listen to her: Down on My Knees: 

In B. Republic:

B. Republic ad with Ayo.

B. Republic ad with Ayo.