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Kanye West Heard ‘Em Say You Have Great Style

Dear Child of Louis Vuitton:

Please collaborate with Andre 3000.

By the way, this look says, “Play secretay I’m the boss tonight”!

Kanye West style

That's just Kanye West

Kanye West unique persona


Vintage Men Fashion

Ever since I got that blipster blog rant, many of you wrote to me and encouraged me to continue bringing out unique black fashionistas out on the streets. I will keep my promise by continuosly exposing unique styles on here. I actually laugh now that I think a famous newspaper could coin the term Blipster and sit there looking all smug. My reaction, “what were they thinking, we owned it since day one”!

Photo credit: James Mountford

Photo credit: James Mountford

Then I saw a black fella on a bike today and he had that whole look downpact but the thing that got me the most was his bike. It made me reminisce like I’d lived the 60’s when infact, I hadn’t!

bikeLastly, a full shot of

Photo Credit: James Mountford

Photo Credit: James Mountford