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Anticipating Spring Style

Spring just around the corner some great styles will follow and, some atrocities will also enter the mix.  For those of you who experience spring, spring is a fun time to dress up since the weather is neither hot nor cold. You are neither having your fingers frosted or your hair, and clothes, matted to your body.  It’s time to pull out some lighter, wearable, clothes.  It’s also time to start re-discovering, and mixing different accessories and textures.  You don’t have to follow trends but be in tune with a unique look that is sizzling yet approachable.  What are some of your favorite spring looks?



This is the The Mackinaw Coat is a nice-fitting trench with a form-fitting capability.  For Night and day. Lunch to dinner.

Trench with a classy sophistication.

Nothing says chic like a masculine item paired up with a spring floral dress.

The boyfriend blazer is great because it doesn’t have to be form -fitting.  It can be worn a size bigger. In fact, I do like a size and 0.5 bigger otherwise it just looks like an office blazer and, defeats the purpose!   The look is to go for “I was cold so my boyfriend gave up his blazer”.  You are not going to do that with a tight blazer unless…you date men who like tight clothes.  One Thing I will say about the boyfriend blazer is that, it needs to have some type of shape to it.  If shape is lacking, you will likely end up with a costume-like look.

Boyfriend jacket paired up with a dress.

Accesories: Color is key.

Dresses:  I have to say that KarmaLoop has the urban jaunt down to a T.   I found great dresses. Floral, classy, hip hop all there. Check it out.

The Neon Floral Dress Women’s Dresses By Free People

Body-hugging white dress

Find it at KarmaLoop

Seriously go check out KarmaLoop if not to buy, be inspired.


African Inspirations and fabrics:


When I saw these combats.  I really liked them for men’s fashion.  They have  such a European essence of street style to them.  Affordable too. Check them out Steven Axee Lace Up Boots.

Timberland Boot Shoe.

Not crazy about the gold sneakers but that’s one way to do a man satchel. Louis Vuitton.

Street men’s fashion:

Courtesy of Street Etiquette

Bill Bixby by Andre 3000

Street Style (Part 2)

Some more street style around the globe as promised. I often find the uniqueness of an outfit to be so inviting.  Yes, I do stare and gawk like a kid at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.   The more vintage an item, the more I find it to have a personal value and, a world of sentiment.  I like the sense of an item being so rare, or personalized, to the point where it ceases to resemble it’s initial birth.  This, uniqueness,  gives me a sense of everyone being able to enjoy fashion without becoming boring cookie-cuter dressers.  Check some of  them out:

The gentleman meets vintage mixes.

Vintage mixes

I have to admit. I love accessories to an outfit. It’s a layered look all by itself.

Accessories girl.

Liking the ripped effect coupled with the classic coat down to the metallic shoes. It’s like a mixing era.

Disco queen meets modern chic.

We, at The Fashion Records, adore Iman. I like the wedge shoe to the leather wedge heel. I haven’t been crazy about the ripped tights look for awhile though.

Chanel Iman and boyfriend

Chanel Iman

Awesome that Edward Norton bought some Masai Warriors over, as guests at his house in Greenwich Village. They came over to run a marathon for a Masai fundraiser. While in New York, these fearless warriors browsed the streets in their vibrant gear. Talk about re-defining street style!

Actor Edward Norton and some Masai warriors.

A fashionable girl in Dakar. I like the colors with the strapped sandals and simple jewelery.

A girl in Dakar

Young streeter in South Africa

Showing a mixture of retro colors. I like.

A Young SA man

Milan fashion is totally rampant.

Wearing daring colors from head to toe. Likely risk taker and owner of his own style!

Street style with attitude.

Reminds me of what I would see in a old Brooklyn fashion book. Very characterized and, individualized. Loving the graphic tees.

Long live colors and character!

That’s right. Well-dressed gentlemen get their photos taken. Check out that styled, retro, men’s satchel. Major bag envy. Check out a similar one: Filson Field Satchel.

Paris men have great style. I want that bag.

Check our some New York splash of colors:

New York fashion

 Thanks to Nontsikelela, Trendy Crew, Yayemarieba and Tamu you rock!

Nanette Lepore Does Gypsy in Darker Colors

Nanette Lepore truly channels the inner nature gypsy and her bohemian influence is well suited no matter what colors she chooses to showcase. Watch out for these fall colors:

Inner fall gypsy in darker shades of a fading summer.

Inner fall gypsy in darker shades of a fading summer.


Oscar De La Renta Fuming

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta fumed and huffed and puffed about the sweater that Michelle Obama wore to meet the queen of England way back earlier on this year. “You don’t show up at Buckingham Palace…in a sweater.” he fumed like a wounded child. I’m guessing he’s resenting Michelle since she never wore his line to up the sales. This reccesionist chica is well known for rocking low-profile labels like: Isabel Toledo & Jason Wu. So we fail here and there in fashion so what?? Michelle is not in some high school where she needs to compete with the trend following zombies. You wear what you like. Oscar we love your work but stop seeing the First Lady as a walking advertisement waiting to be milked as a cash cow. Careful what you say the white house won’t be calling soon!

Michelle's sweater that caused a hernia in the high-fashion world.

Michelle's sweater that caused a hernia in the high-fashion world.

This woman is inspiring fashion lines: 

Baby Phat New York Show channeled First Lady all the way.

Baby Phat New York Show channeled First Lady all the way.


Rocawear Worn Right

Who doesn’t like the sleek look of Rocawear. It’s easy to transform into any style you want it to be: from chic, to streeter, to retro to hip-hopping. Endless style so wear it right and make it look right. The sales are endless too so visit rocawear.com. By the hip hop cash king himself (Jay-Z).  Here are some ooo’s and aaa’s that make you say “got to get that Rocawear” : 


Rocawear Gala $75

Rocawear Gala $75


Rocawear plaid tunic. $19 @Macy's. Now that's a deal.

Rocawear plaid tunic. $19 @Macy's. Now that's a deal.