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Stevie Boy Does Lady Gaga Shades

Stevie Boy makes shades that redefine creative, futuristic and, non-boring in the eye wear industry. His line is filled with well-thought geometric lines crossing, vertically and horizontally, to meet the vectors of style. These Shades have transformed into a couture item that is now sought after in the Fashion Industry.  Everyone from Rhianna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga are putting their faces forward while wearing Stevie Boy’s high-end couture eye-frames. Rhianna and Kanye West wore Stevie’s Frames for Run This Town.  Stevie (aka Steven Strawder) is unique in the way that he doesn’t produce carbon-copies of other people’s work. He is his own niche. He creates his products with originality, and style. He even had his own fashion line, “Toxic” (which he later sold).  Impressive work for a boy who started at age 18 back in 2007 and now 21 he’s taking off big time. Well done Stevie Boy.  High art meeting fashion.  Check out more of his work here.

Stevie Boy Himself. Creator and master-mind behind the brand.

Designer: Steven Strawder