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Joe Goes into the Recession


American recessionistas may have Target but over in Canada….Joe Fresh is making some major traffic in the style lane.  

We love it when we can find super chic directional pieces that won’t leave us broke come the weekend. Leave it to Joe Mimran and team to flawlessly deliver upbeat, wearable pieces that transition  oh so beautifully.  I’m adoring the snug cropped moto jacket – yup, it’s under $50, and the very Prada-esque grey ribbed cardie for only $30 to wear with your floral frocks and skinny leather pants. Don’t miss out- these sweet buys that have hit the floors @ www.joe.ca

They have shades of beauty.

They have shades of beauty.

Joe is just cool like that. As I was doing a grocery run….I passed by their makeup collection. Believe it or not, the shelves were almost bare! Everything is going quick.   Before you turn a snooty eye at their affordable makeup, check them out. They have some great shades that will love black skin. What colors did I choose? 

Berry and watermelon lipstick.

So creamy. It was bliss. I’m going again.