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Friday Feature: Delon Charlton

My name is Delon Charlton I am originally from Jamaica I am 23 years old. I have been modeling for 3 years now.  Modeling is something that captured my attention, since my high school “dress like your favorite star”.  I chose Tyson Beckford.


Teachers in high school would always tell me “you should model” and I would think to myself, “I don’t think I have what it takes” until one day, I realize I do have what it takes. I was in a Daffy’s department store and an older lady came up behind me saying “omg omg omg” and I though to myself,  ‘what I am I doing wrong?’ She said “wow you are FORD!”I said “what’s Ford?” She said “Ford Models”

She proceeded to tell me I need to go and get myself a Ford Magazine and look in the back of the magazine and call them when I got home. And I went home and didn’t do it. After a few months I looked into it and I said if people see it why I couldn’t see it! I went to a few modeling agency’s when I was in my teens.  I never got an answer back.   I remember going to one agency and the lady took my pictures and went in the back and all I heard was laughing in the back. I didn’t let that stop me from what I want.

Tell me about yourself… (e.g. what you like most about modeling, what you like least, where you live, where you’d like to live)

M name is Delon Charlton and, I model.  My most favorite thing, about modeling, is being on the runway and feeling free and having fun. The one thing I don’t like about modeling is, when the show comes to an end. I also don’t like being exhausted. But, in the end, I just love it.  There are many places that I would like to live but,  I would enjoy somewhere were it rains most of time and were I can raise a family (when I am ready) but, right now, I would choose Europe, Germany, Italy,  London or Paris.

2. What is your best attribute?

I would have to say my eyes and, the love I have for my nieces and nephews.

3. Favorite lyrics from a song?

I have some songs I like because music is my zone but I like a few artistes such Keyshia Cole, Ray Charles, Jennifer Hudson, The Temptations, Mary J Blige,  Avant and, of course,  John Legend. So, I would choose lyrics from John Legend’s Ordinary People, We’re just ordinary people
We don’t know which way to go
‘Cause we’re just ordinary people”

4. What are your future goals?

My future goals is to change the modeling industry and to shed light on the black models that are trying to make it and getting turned down by so many agency’s.  I also want to be the black male model to be on the cover on America Vogue and I WANT TO BUY MY MOM HOUSE.

5. Word you live by?

REAL, Family, honesty, loyalty

“I went through with it because it just made me want it more. Being darker than all the others in school, and friends, I stood out.  I didn’t think I was good looking because I was being maid fun of but, I got pass it. No matter the rejection that I may get from some agencies I know there is more to come and some that are going to say yes”.

When most people see me they say “are you a model?”.  Some times I say yes and some times, I say no. And, some people would say “you should model”.  I usually blush and say Thank you.