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Does a Holla From a Fella Mean You Got It?

You quickly walk down the street and up ahead you see a crowd of men all around talking. You just know it then that road construction teams should have invented a policy that would require a sign that said “Herd of Men Ahead. Brace Yourself” they should also have provided an exit sign that screamed: “Comments Were Never Meant to Offend. Come Again”.

Do they get paid to do this?

Do they get paid to do this?

So that’s the case and you walk your cute self into a sea of lions. Like a lamb walking past hungry wolves. I decided to take a detour nowadays. I know I’ve got it and it’s my own swagg. I don’t need approval from any hungry wolves. But no, a “holla” just means there is a hunter and a silly prey walking into the mouth of a starving creature. Compliments are welcome though 🙂