Classy Watches Transporting Time

When it comes to investment pieces, like jewelry and watches, I always choose a clean, elegant, look.   I like that one pair of earring, bracelet, or watch, that I can wear everyday with everything.  I have developed a habit of only purchasing important pieces based on these practical criteria.  So while working on a recent accessories project, I came across some Croton Watches.  I was instantly drawn to a few pieces that produced the audible thought: “Wow I could totally wear that”! The more I looked, the more my purchase criteria stripped away.  I realized, with remarkable clarity, the versatile nature of this watches. Croton Watches offers a collection of that contains a little bit of everything: crystal, simple time pieces, classy and, a touch of edgy.

The man watch has become something that women are embracing as well. The male club has been invaded by females opting for slightly larger watches on their wrists.  Celebrities truly drew our focus to this trend as man watches were seen on the wrists of the likes of Rhianna, Olsen twins and, Jennifer Aniston.  Basically, these watches elude an authentic, higher class, look to be desired.

Croton Men's Super Carbon Fiber Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Croton Men's CX2 Quartz Polymer Case Rubber Strap Watch (Comes in Differnt Colors)

Croton Men's Aquamatic Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch (available in other colors as well).

Brand names like Croton, Waltham Timepieces and Seiko are there to claim a seal of approval, and assurance, of a watch that maximizes quality with fashion appeal.  It’s all about creative awareness.  There is nothing like wearing great clothes and a watch that downgrades the whole outfit.  I always connect to a piece that will stay with me for a long time.  Imagine buying milk that you know will curdle the next day. Depressing, right?  Similar to watches, you want something that will sustain and be well-worth the spending.

So you are probably wondering where you could get all these watches that I’m constantly mentioning. I came across ShopNBC and they always have great sales.   They sell everything from a collection that takes on a decidedly bold approach to the pearl, simple, fashion approach to both men and women watches.

I really like the fact that Croton watches cater to the unisex world as well. I like to see the mixture of delicate and masculine together. I really value their approach to classy, and distinguished, without leaving out the child in the playground. I found some playful pieces with some interesting design features. I fell for the Mines Collection Quartz Gemstone Bracelet Watch (Second one below).  Everything from the face color to the dial color screamed of a great contrast. The brown of the Gemstone Bracelet watch is fun and really pops, with the gold tones.  It takes on a kind of bumblebee quality that I am fond of.

Croton Women's Mother-of-Pearl Swarovski® Crystal Leather Strap Watch

Croton Women's Mines Collection Quartz Gemstone Bracelet Watch *Available in other colors*

Croton Women's Mines Collection Swiss Quartz Lizard Strap Watch

Croton Women's Mines Collection Swiss Quartz Lizard Strap Watch

The men watches are also bold with a James Bond hint of manly style. Croton is not doing another Rolex re-make but, a more unique adaptation of a luxury watch. It’s great to know that their price is right too. These watches have diverse personalities and existing fans will definitely see more reason to add to their collection. I’m definitely looking out for Croton watches among Seiko and Waltham Timepieces.

Watches are viewed as an accessory to others but most often it’s a trademark of personality as well.  In a sense, a watch becomes integrated with a look that you are trying to define.  I also looked at Waltham Timepieces and Seiko as being watch brands that define diverse personalities.  When I think of them, I think quality.  When I purchase quality, it isn’t because it’s the “status” piece. It is because I just find it really magnificent!


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