Street Style Mingled With Runway (prt 1)

At times I see something on the runway that is purely art and therefore, inspirational.  I look at the different ways that particular forms, of fabric, are constructed.  It gives texture, shape, and form that can be used as a basis for creating my own items of clothing.  So in essence, it is possible to see runway fashion as art inspirations for wearable forms. I took a search to some great street inspirations and some runway looks that could create unique pieces. Take a look and let me know what you think. Street style continued tomorrow:

Lacoste fashionable, yet comfortable, sweater dress is a refreshing splash of color:

Lacoste does sexy sweater dress.

I like that the red tone is so magnetic without being overwhelming. The boots, dropped neckline….so global.

Red toned

Red toned dress. Global colors.

Vintage velvet and modern footwear. Standout outfit.

City chic look with vintage velvet. Pair it up with boots and leggings.

Ralph Lauren gets a nod for pure classics. Sexy hunter meets sophisticated woman.

Ralph Lauren look

Naeem Kahn is total true art. Whoever thought of a cropped motorcycle jacket, lots of accesories, and, the little black dress. Brilliant.

Naeem Kahn takes the punk and makes it glamour!

Tommy Hilfiger made layers more youthful and great for the shape.

Tommy does layers and they look great and youthful

Ronson pairs a great man pant with structured mixes to create a new outfit that is wearable and sophisticated.

Charolette Ronson runway style

Tracy Reese always makes feminine more charming and, appealing.

Tracy Reese does feminine

Marc Jacobs takes drab grey and makes it pop classically and, noticeably.

Marc Jacobs

Thanks to Essence

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