No $ Naomi Campbell $ Just Plain NO

Sexy is walking the catwalk with confidence. Unsexy is having your your hair running off your head and, leaving your boyfriend perplexed and wondering, “what the hell just happened”?

Naomi is on a mission to the making of a double tragic: swimming with a wig and, wearing styling that is destroying her hair … maybe she’s  trying to prove some point, some anti-style point? Which is a little ironic since she’s in the fashion world as a model? I’m not sure what is going on here. I thought models would have access to the best of the best. In addition, her boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin is a Russian Donald Trump!

Anyhow even the healthiest hair in the world will not last long when it is ratted, abundantly washed with hairspray, straightened, curled, or colored before every fashion show.

Naomi Campbell and boyfriend

Naomi Campbell and boyfriend on vacation


Merci Beaucoup, please don’t do this again!

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