A Little Taste of Fashion Week

When the Fashion Week rolls into town, it’s a big stop for everything to start happening at once. Imagine a Fashion Editor having to fly to consecutive Fashion Weeks happening at more than one place? There’s The New York Fashion Week 2010 and the London Fashion Week 2010!  You have the big buyers coming into town to scope out new designs, you have your media moguls rushing to cover the events, you have the celebrities who come to see or…be seen . It’s an endless rush of madness at Fashion Week.  The timeliness are so constraining and not even Anna Wintour can stop the speeding clocks at Fashion Week!

Let’s not forget the models congregated together in one venue. The Venue that is often made fiercely hot by crazy lighting (for the videos and cameras). Gives a new meaning for Lights, Camera, Action!

Here is a little taste of both the London Fashion Week and, The New York Fashion Week. More to come later.

This was a wonderful casting of black models in PPQ Fashion Week at London. Everything from Nefertiti hairstyles to 70’s influence of bright colors was a spell of personality!

London Fashion Week PPQ

Jacques van der Watt and Danica Lepen presented Black Coffee

South African Jacques van der Watt and Danica Lepen for Black Coffee

Burberry Prorsum showed sophisticated yet wearable:

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 at New York Fashion Week

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 New York Fashion week

Philip Lim really showed Fall with all the colors reflecting that:

Philip Lim Fall 2010 at New York Fashion Week

Adrienne Landau embraced the fur and layer trend:

Adrienne Landau Fall 2010 Collection at New York Fashion Week

Adrienne Landau Fall 2010

Isaac Mizrahi revealed  a wearable and, beauty focus at the same time:

Isaac Mizrahi wearable Fall 2010 Collection

Isaac Mizrahi wearble collection 2010

Anna Sui showed ethereal and adventure at the same time:

Anna Sui beautiful 2010 Collection showed a vision.

CK Klein brought out the country boot with a pop and twist:

Tommy Hilifiger “Preppy With a Pop” Fall collection

Jason Wu showed us ready-to wear beautiful high fashion garments:

Jason Wu Fashion Week 2010 Fall Collection


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