All About the Bling

How many of you are like me that when you see an outfit at the store, you want to tranform it to look like nobody elses!

I can already picture it draped on your body and people asking me where I got it. Whether it is the basic white-tee from American Apperell, down to the black tights, I preffer to tell the mannequin to cease urging me to rob their style. Be unique. Be different.  

 Accesories could be a unique scarve, a unique shoe, a hat, a watch…Accesories are everything for the unique fashionista…and fashionisto. I’ll just focus on some jewerly finds for this one.

Stonefield by Aldo. $40

Keigar, Metal Material $15 at Aldo

Kanye West Shades

Click on the picture to direct yourself to the website that sells these.

 Finally, There is something about a Doctor’s Bag. I say it can be a unisex item.

Rafé New York Tracy Doctor’s Bag at Nordstorm for $750


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