Mataano, a Fashion Line by Somali Twins

Founded by twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim

I first saw them on Oprah as they beautifully acknowledged their Somali heritage and revealed that their fashion line, Mataano, means “twins” in their native language (Somali). I was proud to see some more black fashion designers emerging into the world of couture. They were an instant favorite.  I later on checked out their inspirational on their  website.  I was very impressed at the fabrics, the various textures and the way these clothes drape on a womans body.  These Washington DC ladies are pursuing their dream and inspiring others in the process. Their talent allows them to weave in amazing culture-inspired pieces that look like a dream.  Take a look at their collection. The following is a variation of some of it…


One thought on “Mataano, a Fashion Line by Somali Twins

  1. May

    my name is May and im a lesbian, and i would like to get to know one of those beautiful Somlian twin and have it in me!!!

    Many many thanks

    May (thai and sexy)



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