Michelle Obama’s Dress on Election Night

I want to reminisce, to go back in the past a little. This was such a great night. Election night.

It was a time of tears flowing down, history made. A few tears rolled down my cheeks I must agree. Overwhelming emotions that I didn’t know existed in me. But somehow, the lady in the red dress remained classy and composed. I wanted her to freak out to go crazy about the hideous garment they made her wear. But, that was just a momentary crazy thought.

I sat there looking at her. There was joy in her eyes and here I was knew that women were all wondering: “Who designed her dress?” “Shouldn’t she be wearing something a bit more captivating?” I am sorry to say but Michelle O was not up to her classy icon self that night.  The dress looked like a mad spray painter had designed it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big big fan but a critique as well. Had I been there, I would have pulled her aside and told her to slap the designer the next time she sees him.

Who is behind this getup outfit that can not be wearable under any circumstance? All fingers point to Narcisco Rodriquez. I presume he must have been under some influence designing in the dark like this. Anyhow, here is the dress that should be erected in the “wall of shame museum of American fashion designers”.

Narcisco should have taken a hint: The model looks mad as hell, shamed to be seen in this cloak!

"I'll just wave and hope no one notices the getup"!


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