Men’s Fashion Key Items

To my male readers who are wondering how to sass up an outfit and step out with your own style. Here are some inspiration and key items to have in your wardrobe. Once you have your key items, just add on to the outfit to personalize it for yourself:

Key Item 1: The nice fitted Suite. Every man should have a timeless, classic piece in his wardrobe.


This is a Nordstorm suit. Check out their website.


Key Item #2: A bright shirt: Spices up your look on the days where you want to choose an all dark pant and blazer look.

Banana Republic Solid Texture Stripe Dress Shirt, $49. 2. Ted Baker MultiStripe Shirt, $75. 3. Hickey Freeman, $96. 4. Gucci Red Striped Point Collar Dress Shirt, $264.

Key Item #3: Great scarf. Put it over a suit, Kanye West rolls deep with the Luis Vuitton scarves:


Key Item #4: The Shoes: No use to wear a GQ outfit if you are going to throw on some dirty sneakers! I’m liking boot on men for the fall:

Gucci Lace Up, $595. 2. Kenneth Cole Leather Loafer, $131. 3. Ferragamo Patent Boot, $650. 4. John Lobb Lace Up Oxford, $1,500. 5. Gucci Bamboo Horsebit Mocassins, $316.  6. Cole Haan Air Geoffrey Lace Up, $245.
Key Item #5: A Great Jacket: You know that one staple jacket that transforms your outfit. Be it grunge, be it the classic leather look, make it your wardrobe staple and buy in different cuts and styles:

Classic leather



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