Pair This Up City Gurl

Okay here some clues on what to pair to bring out the inner fashionista. I like to call this one a “paint by numbers” to the clueless fashionista. Not a mockery but, a new way to appreciate accessories that rhyme with style. For it is best to create style that will endure than senseless fashion fads that fade away. Plus, they pretty much make you blend into a herd of sheep. I want to be the black sheep of fashion. How about you? 

High waisted 6 button jean shorts: 

Wet Seal Deal at $24.50!!

Wet Seal Deal at $24.50!!

Check these PREDATOR Premium Sandals: 

Found at TopShop

Found at TopShop

Summer in the metro rush: 

It's all in the accessories.

It's all in the accessories.

 Items in the set: 

Pink Diamond Channel Set Band in Rose Gold: $1,540 CAD @ ylang23

Scarf Print Tee $14 CAD @ Forever21

Wayfarer Style Glasses, Clear Lenses $11 CAD @ Girlprops 

Pearl Duo Ring 7.36 CAD @ Forever21

Chain Link Hoop Earring $6.28 CAD @ Forever21

Gucci ‘Hysteria’ Handbag $308 CAD @ Bagborroworsteal

Christian Louboutin | Designer Shoes $1,127 CAD @Awomanandhershoes

CC Skye 18ct Gold Plated Knuckle Love Ring $178 CAD @ Asos

Phoncho-style shrug vest: $29 CAD @ Supre 

Cream and Leather Wristwear $27 CAD @ Topshop

Bare Feet Shoes: Apparel Jeans $39 @ Barefeet Shoes

Philosophy Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm $14 CAD @ Make Me Heal

Golden Goddess eau-parfum-spray $44 @ Skinstep

In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine $81 CAD @Amazon

This coat was all sold out sadly: 

Forever 21 New Arrival

Forever 21 New Arrival

Giardino Satchel. This is a Hype Handbag For sure!!




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