Conditioner and Our Hurrr (aka Hair)

So we have been blessed with the roots. Whether some may say “sheeps wool”, “steal wool” and the famed “nappy roots”. I say it is beauty that the good Lord has put on our heads. We can braid, cornrow, afro it, put extra curls in it, weave it, wig it out…whew, the list is endless. I wanted to talk about conditioner and the importance of it. I also want to expose the misconception that we sometimes have about putting the C into the roots. Curls are beautiful. Don't overcondition.

Curls are beautiful. Don’t over-condition.

 Use moderation that is the key. Don’t be deceived that more will produce more better results. Yes there is such a thing as over-conditioning.  Here is why. 

Too much conditioner can result in limp hair that seems to oily.

If your hair is oily or if you have baby fine hair, you are definitely more susceptible to over conditioning. If you suffer from hair loss due to any variety of reasons, do not apply a heavy conditioner to your hair. I would also be reluctant to apply ANY conditioner for that matter. The added weight to the hair shaft can cause an increase in hair loss. What you can do is: find a conditioner you like (even a heavy one) and mix it with water. Then put in a spray can and spritz that in your hair. 

I have natural hair that has never been permed or chemically treated but is not rough in texture and I still do the spray trick. Plus, it makes my conditioner last longer. That is a bonus. 

I like to use: 


Some of Marguerite's Magic By Carols Daughter $16

Some of Marguerite's Magic By Carols Daughter $16

Avoid over-conditioning fragile easily breakable hair. The added weight of the conditioner can cause hair to to break off, compounding the problem. 



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