Black People And The Sun


Yes Black people we like the sun. But at times we seem to forget that the sun doesn’t discriminate in spectrums. I know that the good Lord blessed us with skin that can stand the hard, double, bitch slaps of aging but still, let us use sun screen. We have been blessed with melanin that helps protect us from the deep penetration of sun rays. So why not thank your skin by offering it more protection? Often we assume that the darker the skin, the less we need sunscreen but hey, this is a true lie. 

SUnlight contains ultraviolet rays. the two most common UV rays that are connected with adverse effects on the skin are:

1. UVA             2. UVB

These rays penetrate furthest into the skin and cause damage.  UVB rays do not penetrate the skin as deeply as UVA rays. They are the primary cause of sunburns and other tissue damage contributed to overexposure to sunlight.  But I’m not saying this so that you can all hide in your houses from the “bad guy” (if you see the sun as such). Infact, that is a mistake. The sun is vital to black skin to absorb since we really don’t absorb it as readily as white skin. So what does that mean? 

We can be short-changed in Vitamin D!!!

Vitamin D is very essential. I know there are some sistas, even brothas, out there who are scared as hell of getting darker. So you too can absorb the sun here is how: I like to absorb the sun 15-20 minutes max at anytime before 11AM and after 2PM. It gives your body the chance to produce Vit D without sustaining skin and tissue damage from the damaging rays. Do Not Wear Sunscreen during your absorbing time. It defeats the purpose since sunscreen will block the rays. Those minutes are usually enough and then I recommend wearing sunscreen.  

My sunscreen recommendation:

 I would avoid a sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium dioxide, as both of these chemicals will leave a white cast on the skin. That’s a huge problem against dark skin.

*If you have sensitive skin, avoid the sunscreens with heavy scents. 

I have Ben Using: 


Biomedic Sunscreen

Facial Shield SPF 30 by Biomedic (2 oz.) $32


This One is Cheaper and it also worked for Me: 


Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 70

Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 70 $10.44



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