We Real Cool Up Here

Real cool. Real cool first of all, to me, has many attachments. I like to simply think of it as this: Being cool is understanding that you are human. Being human is understanding that we don’t all last forever. But being cool is living life with appreciation and harmony with other creation. To me being that unique cool is having the heart and the wisdom to live a life you become proud of. In my dictionary, being cool is not the wide display of arrogance and wearing a skin of cockiness. Being cool is understanding that you have that swagger long before it existed in the dictionary. You know what’s so valuable and hard reaching about this type of cool? It’s the cool that has humility. It’s the cool that never EVER needs approval from anyone but itself. It is a cool that consults the heart first and foremost. That my friends: That is the rare type of cool. The demand that never meets supply. 



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